Projects & References

Minox and Norsk Hydro’s Research center initially developed the technology during 1985-90. Over the years more than 30 Minox® systems have been delivered to the international oil industry. To a large extent, the systems are physical gas stripping systems with no need for chemical scavengers to achieve oxygen removal according to specification.

We have over the past decades successfully developed The Minox Compact Deoxygenation System from 1st to 4th generation through competent people and excellent tools and techniques. All of which is built on the solid base of valuable experiences made from the already performing Minox systems.

We have over the years delivered deaeration systems around the world to a number of major operators. For more information about Minox deliverances listed with key data; reference projects.

Offices & Project locations

Minox Technology AS is based at Notodden in Norway. Our agents are found in all major markets. At Notodden a core team of dedicated and experienced professionals take responsibility for design & engineering, fabrication, sales & marketing and after sales & services.

We deliver water deaeration systems all over the world, and our ambition is to be the preferred water injection provider for operators worldwide by focusing on state of the art deaeration technology. Please contact us for further information about Minox Technology or the projects we have delivered.